We help people of any age to achieve better Health & Wellbeing in the body and the mind through a ground-breaking approach that changes lives.

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If you belong to the First Group, it’s your first time and you are thinking is Physiotherapy the right choice? or should I go to a Chiropractor? or maybe a Massage will help…

Maybe I should listen to my friend who said that Acupuncture would help…moment…what about that medication/supplement that a saw in TV/Internet…and how was called that innovative treatment for Pain?

Well, if you have had any of these thoughts, then give it at rest!At 5 STAR CLINIC, we offer everything that you need all in one place. 

We combine several treatments for the best result. Everything happens in THREE easy steps:

  1. Assessment and Identification of the problem
  2. Discussion of the best solutions and approach
  3. Once you are happy with the plan we proceed with the treatment


Let’s say that you are part of the Second Group and you have tried almost everything and you are just tired and fed up that nothing really works.

Again you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

This is because we won’t look at you as a broken car that needs a replacement piece.

Instead, we know that we need to take into account your Emotional state, your thoughts, your desires.

We are going to assess the level of Stress of your Body-Mind system, your level of energy, your mood and we will create a roadmap of any Physical/Stressful events that might have impacted your system along the way.

From there we will discuss together what results you want to achieve and how getting better would look like to you because what you want, is what matters most.



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Western & Chinese Acupuncture


We understand that you might be confused and you
might not know what would be the best choice for your
Health & Wellbeing.

We would like to help you to make this decision,
so Listen and Read to what our client have to say.

This might help you to understand if we are the right fit for you. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.