‘3’ Reasons Why Newborns Need Physiotherapy

A newborn baby

A widespread misconception about physiotherapy is that it only is a treatment option for individuals who have experienced an injury after a sports-related or vehicular accident. However, it’s a great treatment course to manage and alleviate symptoms of multiple conditions.

Physiotherapy is also effective in treating asthma, vertigo, and severe pain. Newborns can also benefit from physiotherapy; it can help them sit, crawl, and walk phases. Also in case, the baby is premature, physiotherapy can help them grow properly.

Take a look at why babies need physiotherapy:

Baby Prefers To Sleep On One Side

When babies are born, they have minimal control over their bodies. It’s simple for children to get into the habit of always resting their cranium in the same posture, which can limit the growth of the sternocleidomastoid.

This shortening generates a rigid neck, and the child’s ability to swivel their head to both sides begins to deteriorate. Plagiocephaly occurs when a baby sleeps with its head in only one position. With the help of physiotherapy exercises, there will be no restriction on your baby’s growth rate.

A newborn baby sleeping in a side position

Inability To Lift Weight With Their Arm

Babies under the age of six months shouldn’t stand without support; however, the child should be able to bear some weight on their legs at least. The low muscular tendency, inverted hip position, or spinal cord misalignment may cause a baby’s inability to push through their legs in supported standing. With the help of modern therapeutic processes, a pediatric physiotherapist can help your baby with these issues and correct their posture.

Unable To Sit

Babies hold up their weight with their arm strength in the initial stage, then try to crawl. If a child is unable to lift anything with their arms, then the parents should be concerned about their baby’s body ability and should book a physiotherapy session. A trained pediatric physiotherapist ensures that your baby’s body strength is not compromised; they use special therapies to check and evaluate your baby’s physical strength.

Physical Therapy Session

Pediatric physical therapy sessions have different interesting activities to engage a baby and check his physical abilities.

Motor abilities like walking are improved by encouraging babies to perform activities like:

  1. Moving a gym ball to point A to point B
  2. Running to grab a candy to check their balancing skills
  3. Making them stand in one position to check their mind and body coordination

A physical therapist might also recommend activities for you to practice with your child at home.

Back and neck pain has become common for children due to playing video games for hours or watching television while sitting. Treat their back and neck pain by taking them to a pain management clinic.

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