3 Sleeping Postures Recommended by Physical Therapists

Physiotherapist examining a patient’s spinal cord

Most people have experienced the consequences of sleeping in an incorrect position, ranging from minor neck pain or backaches to excruciating pain every time they turn for the rest of the day. Sleeping in an incorrect position can interrupt sleep and put a strain on the lungs. When a person’s sleep is disrupted, their overall health suffers. According to recent studies, poor sleep is related to focus, cognition, and stability problems, and mood swings. Sleep deprivation can be harmful and cause weight gain.

Therefore, it’s necessary to visit a physiotherapist if you are experiencing constant neck and back pain. They can recommend suitable sleeping positions for your needs. Here, take a look at the most common sleeping postures recommended by physiotherapists:

Fetal Position Sleep

The first recommended sleep position is the fetal position, in which a person sleeps like a fetus in a woman’s womb. It straightens your back and reduces back pain. According to physiotherapists, this position and aligns your spinal cord. The following are the instructions for the fetal sleeping position:

  • Sleep on your side rather than laying straight.
  • Press both knees closed together to your chest to be comfortable.
  • Form a curled or ball shape to relieve your back pain.
  • Always make sure to switch sides as your hand or leg might get numb.

Side Sleeping With A Supportive Knee Pillow

This sleep position is popular among pregnant women, but it can bring relief from back discomfort, and not just those associated with pregnancy. Simply lie on your side with a cushion between your knees. If there is a wide space between the mattress and your waist, you may wish to add another pillow under your waist. Your body will be comfortably balanced from all sides, and your back will feel less pressure overall.

A woman sleeping with a pillow between her knees

The following are the instructions for this sleeping position:

1.      Lie flat on your back, and tilting your head sideways should be avoided.

2.      Use a pillow to support your cervical spine.

3.      Place a pillow between your knees.

4.      Fill any other gaps between the spine and the bed with more pillows for additional stability.

Supported Stomach Sleeping

For some people, stomach sleeping can help them sleep better at night. The secret to this position being beneficial rather than dangerous, as the misconception about stomach sleeping suggests, is to lift the pelvic and abdominal area using a pillow to relieve the stress on the tailbone. Some people still require support under their head, while others choose to use a pillow simply on their hip area to keep their spine from aching.

Patients suffering from degenerative disc disease may find that experimenting with a stomach sleeping posture alleviates their symptoms.

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