4 Common Sports Injuries to Watch Out For

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Football is the top-played sport in the UK, and as a contact sport, it’s one of the main reasons players can suffer a sports-related injury. Be that as it may, you don’t have to be an athlete to get injured because an irregular exercising schedule and lack of proper warm-up may result in the same.

From tennis elbow to sciatica, here are the most common sports-related injuries you can get.

1. Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is characterized by pain on the outer side of the elbow joint and restricted movement of the affected arm. The condition is caused by repeated use or overuse of the same muscles and tendons in the forearm and can take racquet sports players and throwers out of action for months on end.

While rest is the first recommendation, you can take a more proactive approach to reduce downtime by seeking tennis elbow treatment, such as physiotherapy and massage therapy.

2. ACL Tear

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL, as it’s more commonly known, is a ligament that connects your thigh bone to the shin bone at the knee, providing support to the joint and promoting movement in the lower leg. In short, an incredibly important band of tissue.

ACL strains and tears take up 40% of all sports-related injuries and can be caused by overstretching or twisting the lower leg or knee. Since late intervention in this condition has ended many careers ahead of time, instant treatment and rehabilitation are key to making a complete recovery.

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3. Hamstring Injury

A hamstring injury may occur suddenly or slowly as you overstretch your thigh muscles and tendons during an activity that involves running or jumping.

Since it’s a recurring condition, you want to make sure you don’t suffer it in the first place through warm-up exercises and regular physiotherapy treatment to strengthen the muscles.

However, once you do pull your hamstring, recovery may take a number of days, months, or weeks depending on the gravity of your injury, leaving you more susceptible to a relapse.

4. Sciatica

Sciatica is a type of back pain that’s caused by an irritated, uncomfortably stretched, or compressed sciatic nerve, starting from your lower back and ending at your end. It’s common in athletes that play golf and tennis, as well as people that are frequent runners and cyclers.

Preventive therapy and exercise are best for avoiding sciatica. In case you’re already suffering from the condition, we suggest you visit our pain treatment centre in Preston for faster recovery.

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