4 Ways Chronic Pain Can Impact Quality of Life

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Chronic pain is no light matter. In the US alone, 50 million people suffer from this never-ending, unforgiving condition. That’s about 20.4% of the entire country’s population—and this is only as far as the adults are concerned. The seniors are a whole different lot, most of them affected by this affliction.

Chronic pain doesn’t come as a monolith, either. It could be limited to the lower back or neck, be a part of arthritis, or a result of cancer treatment. Regardless of where it hurts, one thing is for certain: it hurts.

Constant Pain

It is called chronic pain, after all. Living with chronic pain means you never have a moment wherein you are not bogged down by the weight of your body. You’re always acutely aware of the pain that you suffer from, and no matter how much time passes, you never get used to it. Sure, at times, it does become just a noise in the background, but it never fully becomes something you’re comfortable with.

Dependence on Pain Killers

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Constant pain brings with it constant painkillers. Unfortunately, you are supposed to learn to live with chronic pain and try not to make it a hindrance in your everyday life. In order to deal with this, many people turn to painkillers so that they can have some relief. They do get the relief they crave—but it doesn’t come without a cost. The relief brings with it a growing dependence on pain killers and opioids. The more you use these drugs, the more dependent you become on them. It can get so bad that you become addicted to them. However, you’ll find that you can’t live without these pain killers, and so, the vicious cycle of dependency continues.

Decreased Functional Capacity

Once you become afflicted with chronic pain, you’ll find that you can no longer sit at your desk and do your job in a typical manner. You might be forced to take early retirement and start depending on your 401k funds, which you were saving. You might have to shut down businesses or give up on your dreams. Chronic pain isn’t just a physical disability. It’s also a psychological, mental, social, and financial one.

You Become Dependent

At times, even the slightest movement is enough to give you a hard time. People who suffer from chronic pain find it hard to deal with day-to-day activities. They become dependent on others for the smallest things, which can have all kinds of effects on them. For starters, they are no longer able to fend for themselves, which, for any self-sufficient person, is bad enough. If you were an active person before and now have to be dependent on someone else, it is going to deeply affect your mental health.

Additionally, there are psychological implications to contend with. Imagine living with the knowledge that you are dependent on someone else with little choice of your own—this could have drastic consequences for your self-esteem.

Chronic Pain Relief in Preston

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