5 Conditions That Can Be Managed With Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy focuses on rehabilitative healthcare, where licensed and trained professionals utilise specially designed exercise regimens and equipment to treat several abnormal physical functions. A physiotherapist begins by evaluating the patient’s symptoms or condition, such as a disability, disease, or an injury, and then provides an appropriate treatment.

Why Is Physical Therapy Important?

Physical therapists (PTs) are medical professionals who are knowledgeable about the biomechanics of our bodies. If there is any discrepancy or deficiency in the physical movement of our body, they can instantly identify its root cause while developing a comprehensive plan to treat it.

Whether an area has weakened after injury or needs healing and strengthening after a surgery, physiotherapy treatment is deemed an effective solution for stress-free and pain-free recovery.

Physiotherapy streamlines the healing process, which is why many doctors suggest it for restorative, preventive, and pain management procedures. Regardless of the age, people can reach out to experts at 5 Star Clinic to improve their health and wellbeing for several diseases that can be treated by physical therapy, such as:

#1 Muscular Dystrophy

Skeleton and muscles can get progressively weakened as they degenerate, owing to various disorders or aging. Support frames and mobility exercises have shown credible success in treating muscular dystrophy.

#2 Neck And Back Pain

Chronic neck and back pain that might last for months or acute pain that affects suddenly can restrict normal functioning. Physiotherapy is beneficial for improving mobility while easing pain.

#3 ROM – Limited Ranged Of Motion

Excessive stress due to overuse of specific body parts can cause tenderness and swelling in those areas. It causes the range of motion to get impeded, which can be revived with proper physical therapy. Likewise, physiotherapy can also help achieve better flexion or extension.

Man learning about exercises during a physiotherapy session

#4 Vertigo

Light-headedness or dizziness is a relatively frequent complaint that doctors come across, and they can lead to dangerous falls if not treated promptly. Since physiotherapy is known for improving balance, it can also show promising results for treating vertigo.

#5 Ankle Sprain

When a person’s ankle gets twisted, it causes the ligaments that support it to tear and stretch, leading to painful and swollen ankle. Such sprains can heal faster and you can regain strength by performing exercises suggested by a reliable physiotherapist.

From Parkinson’s disease to cancer, headaches, burns, joint replacements, musculoskeletal disorders, genetic, or neurological disorders, sports injuries and more, physiotherapy sessions have become a crucial treatment that work in tandem with other methods of finding relief for several medical conditions.

Trusted physiotherapists at 5 Star Clinic can help you live life to the fullest by diagnosing the problem and offering appropriate massage therapy, acupuncture treatment, and physiotherapy sessions for people across Lancashire.

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