5 Signs It’s Time to See a Chronic Pain Specialist

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Chronic pain is one of the most commonly reported health problems in the UK. It can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from aging to injury. Regardless of the reason, chronic pain can be quite debilitating and can seriously affect your life.

Have you been experiencing chronic pain but haven’t received proper treatment for it? Here are five signs that indicate it’s time to see a specialist for proper treatment.

1. Your Movement is Becoming Restricted

Chronic pain can become especially problematic when it starts limiting your movement. When every small movement causes pain, people often think it’s better to avoid moving altogether. This avoidance cannot help you much as the problem will remain unresolved. Additionally, you’ll also get stressed by the idea of moving and the stress will further aggravate your condition.

2. You Get Frequent Flare-Ups

Chronic pain can become a part of your life and you might eventually start coexisting with it. However, if you keep getting chronic pain flare-ups that leave you immobile, it’s a cause of concern. If they start happening more frequently, you can no longer ignore them as they’ll keep you from following your routine. In this case, consult a specialist and to get a proper course of treatment for yourself.

3. The Pain is Spreading

If you feel the pain radiating towards other parts of your body, it might be a sign that your condition is worsening. It can also escalate quickly and become much worse, leaving you to resort to invasive treatment options like surgery.

As soon as you realize that your pain is spreading, immediately seek professional help to deal with the underlying cause.

4. There are Sudden Changes in the Body

If the chronic pain is causing sudden changes in your body, you should visit a specialist right away. These changes can include loss of control over bladder and bowel movement, loss of muscle power, inability to move, and even a sudden change in pain intensity. These signs usually indicate that your problem has exacerbated and you need urgent help.

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5. You Feel Stressed and Fatigued

Chronic pain can be a major stressor. Prolonged episodes of pain can cause an overproduction of cortisol in the body, which can further increase your body’s inflammation. As a result, you may also feel fatigued most of the time. Here are some tell-tale signs of fatigue that you should lookout for:

  • Increased tiredness
  • Chronic sleepiness
  • Constant headaches
  • Sore and weak muscles
  • Frequent dizziness
  • Impaired judgment
  • Increased Irritability
  • Slower reflexes

Needless to say, if you see one or more of the above mentioned signs, you should immediately rush to a pain management specialist.

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