6 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pregnant Women

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The body of a pregnant woman requires special care and treatments to avoid many complications before and after birth. To aid the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women need to make various changes to their diet as well as physical routine. These changes not only ensure the health of their unborn child but also help their body cope well with the pregnancy. Here are a few reasons why pregnant women should receive physiotherapy treatment throughout each trimester, to resolve many physical problems.

1. Pain Relief

The majority of pregnant women experience some form of musculoskeletal pain, especially in the third trimester. As your body’s center of gravity changes during pregnancy, your back has to support much more weight than usual. This often results in lower back pain, which gets worse as the pregnancy progresses. This pain usually radiates from the lower back and might spread to the hips and pelvis. Physiotherapy services offer relief for back pain in Preston for pregnant women adjusting to weight changes. Additionally, pregnant women can also do pelvic floor exercises at home or at a physiotherapy clinic to ease the pelvic bones and muscles, and prepare for easy delivery.

2. Changing Physical Needs

A pregnant woman has to make many adjustments to her daily physical routine, which can be facilitated with the physiotherapy services available in Preston. These therapies can help women conduct their daily tasks without straining their bodies.

3. Healthy Delivery

Throughout pregnancy, a woman needs to prepare her body for a healthy delivery. Labor demands high levels of physical strength, which takes months to acquire. Hips and back muscles can be strengthened with certain physiotherapies, specially developed for pregnancy.

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4. Improved Bladder Control

Women often suffer from a lack of bladder control before and after labor. This condition is medically known as “urinary incontinence” and it affects many people around the UK. To help recover from this health condition, physiotherapists can teach pregnant women many exercises to improve function and strength in their pelvic muscles.

5. Prevention from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A significant number of pregnant women develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to mismanagement of body weight and posture. Physiotherapists in Preston can teach pregnant women some exercises to strengthen their forearm and fingers and avoid this problem.

6. Fluid Retention

Many pregnant women, especially those who have survived cancer, can retain excess fluid in their bodies. This condition is known as lymphedema and it can increase the risks of complications during pregnancy as well as labor. Preeclampsia can also occur as a result of this condition, which puts the life of a pregnant woman at risk.

5 Star Clinic is a physiotherapy center in Lancashire that offers pregnant women relief for many painful conditions with their massage therapies. These treatments have been developed with the help of medical professionals who have experience in treating pregnant women across the country.

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