7 Reasons Why Your Ankle Hurts

Person taking shoes off due to ankle pain.

Injury or patterns of use can cause ankle pain. Sometimes, ankle pain is a result of long-term underlying health issues as well. To treat this problem, you must first identify its cause. This blog will talk about all the common causes of your ankle pain.

Common Causes of Ankle Pain

To rule out the different causes of your ankle pain and get to the real underlying cause, go through this list to see what you may have:

Ankle Sprain/Fracture

Both ankle sprain and fractures cause bruising and swelling; however, it is significantly more pronounced with fractures. Sprains are caused by the stretching and tearing of the tissue present in the feet, while fractures result from broken bones. The fracture is often evident through physical deformities that can only signify a broken bone.


Arthritis is one of the most prevalent orthopedic problems. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are the most common forms of arthritis, followed by Psoriatic Arthritis and other related diseases such as fibromyalgia. Arthritis results in redness, stiffness, swelling, and pain upon movement of toes and ankle.


A common cause of ankle pain is overexertion and overuse of feet. The ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones in the feet all work in harmony to help you move. When you overwork your feet, you run the risk of tiring and wearing out these body parts resulting in a fairly constant stream of pain radiating from your ankles.

Woman with ankle pain due to overexertion

Poor Habits

High heels and the wrong shoes are often the reason why your feet hurt. When you wear heels for too long or shoes that don’t fit properly, your ankles start feeling your body’s load and hurt more than usual. The pain often radiates from the calf muscles and the shin, collecting at the ankles.


Gout is a kind of arthritis that can affect any joint, including the ankle. This condition develops when the body produces an excess of uric acid that starts accumulating in the joints (including the ankles) in crystal form. The inflammation in the ankles causes swelling and redness and makes them extremely sensitive to touch. There’s also a warm sensation felt upon touching the swollen area. This is a serious condition that needs professional help.

Extreme Flat Feet/Cavus foot

Extreme Flat and Cavus feet change the alignment of your legs, causing an improper dispersion of load and putting extra

pressure on your ankles. This problem can also result in constant ankle pain. Why did we use the word extreme, because the mild difference in the foot biomechanic is not going to cause you any major problem.

Achilles Tendinitis/Tendinosis

In Achilles’ tendinitis, there’s is caused by repetitive/intense strain on the Achilles tendon located at your ankle. This causes unbearable pain that requires medical attention. Achilles’ tendinosis, on the other hand, is even more extreme. It is inflammation caused by a degenerating Achilles tendon, and it requires a pain management strategy and treatment plan depending on the lengthy and severity of symptoms.

What To Do About It

While some of these causes require professional attention, the less serious ones can be treated using the following techniques:

  • For mild ankle sprains follow the PEACE & LOVE protocol.
    • PEACE(Protection, Elevation, Avoid Anti-inflammatories, Compression, Education).
    • LOVE(Load, Optimism, Vascularisation, Exercise)
  • Ice can be used on swollen painful areas
  • Find Appropriate Insoles
  • Use ankle bands to compress the swollen areas
  • Turn to physiotherapy for ankle exercises
  • Try acupuncture for ankle pain relief
  • Therapeutic foot massage to release tension from your calves and muscles from your feet

All of these are ways to reduce your ankle pain while you seek a medical diagnosis. We, at 5 Star Clinic, diagnose your problem and offer pain management in Preston. Among other services, we offer massage therapy, acupuncture treatment, and physiotherapy sessions for people across Lancashire. We aim to improve your health and well-being while ensuring you remain free of pain. To book our services, drop an email at 5starclinicenquiries@gmail.com or call 07537 824848.

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