8 Reasons for Recurrent Pain in Bones

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Bone pain is easy to differentiate from muscular or joint pain, as it persists regardless of your level of physical activity. The intensity of muscular pain varies with the extent of physical activity one engages in. However, pain in the bones often intensifies with time, irrespective of the habits of the patient. People describe it as a sensation of tenderness and soreness that is sharp and deep.

Here are a few common causes for this pain and some ways to find relief.

1. Skeletal Injury

Bone pain commonly results from blunt trauma or injury to the bones. The bones may or may not be fractured during the injury accident, but bone pain can still arise. Once consulted with an orthopedic specialist, physiotherapy services in Preston can offer a patient relief from bone pain via regular massage.

2. Malnutrition

Pain in the bones might be indicative of a dietary deficiency. Sufficient intake of Calcium and Vitamin D is necessary to keep one’s bones healthy and strong. A diet deficient in these essential minerals can result in osteoporosis, which often leads to persistent bone pain.

3. Bone metastasis

As breast, lung, or prostate cancer progresses in a patient’s body, it might spread to the bones, resulting in bone metastasis. This condition is extremely painful and requires the patient to visit pain treatment centers regularly.

4. Bone Cancer

Cancer can originate in one’s bones and cause deterioration in its structure. This type of cancer is rarer than bone metastasis and comes with extremely painful symptoms. Massage therapy in Preston can significantly help the patients with pain relief.

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5. Avascular Necrosis

Diabetes Mellitus, AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, Pancreatitis, and many other illnesses hinder blood flow to the bones and result in a condition known as avascular necrosis. This gives rise to excruciating bone pain and discomfort.

6. Osteomyelitis

Infection can often originate in or spread to the bones, causing a medical condition called osteomyelitis. Bone cells get destroyed due to this condition, making the patient suffer from pain and tenderness.

7. Leukemia

Another form of cancer that can lead to pain in the bones is the cancer of the bone marrow. The rapid multiplication of cancerous cells in the bone marrow causes it to expand within the bones and result in sharp pain, often experienced in the legs and arms.

8. Pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain of pain in the pelvic region, accompanied by stiffness and discomfort in the pelvic joints. This pain does not typically resolve after labor and requires immediate medical attention.
Certain exercises and regular physiotherapy treatments can relieve pregnant women of this pain at an early stage.

5 Star Clinic offers massage services in Lancashire that are recommended by many medical professionals. These therapies can relieve patients of bone pain and many other physical discomforts caused by various illnesses.

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