5 STAR CLINIC LTD has been created with the aim to deliver a 5 star service to our clients, making every possible effort to help them in the most efficient and effective way. At 5 star clinic we focus on understanding “why” you are visiting our clinic.

What does it mean? – We want to know:

1. What your goal is.

2. What you would like to pursue.

3. How the condition affects your daily activities, your work, your relationship, your life.

Any sufferance is never only a physical experience but is also an emotional one. 

The pain or any conditions, which stop you to do what you LOVE or are a hurdle to your success and fulfilment, become a part of the project, OUR PROJECT.

Firstly, we tell you if we can help you, because we do not want to waste your time and your money.

Afterwards, we create a PROJECT, explaining how we can help you and what treatments are involved, assuring that you are comfortable with them. The treatment is an “experience” which involves the interaction between the therapist and YOU, which means that the treatment must be tailored to your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, we tell you how long it might take to reach your goals and what the steps are to take towards them. We want to make a clear picture of the path to follow, creating certainty and confidence, positively affecting the success of the project.

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