Firstly, why do we experience pain?

The pain is a message that the brain sends to a particular area of the body. This message can be sent because of a tissue damage/physical trauma(for example you have just twisted your knee) or can be an alarm that something is out of balance in the physical/emotional system.

What does Pain Resolution include?

1)Full Biomechanical Assessment: Basically we will do several tests to checks your postural asset and body functionality and how your joints and muscles are working)

2)Autonomic Nervous system assessment :
The autonomic system controls all those functions that your are not aware of such as digestion, blood circulation, heart beat and much more.

Now, Imagine to have an ON/OFF system such as the switch of the light. Your system is ON when your body/mind need available energy to perform activities, instead is OFF when is in a resting/growing phase.
Its Assessment will help to understand if your “body/mind system” is Over-stressed or out of balance.

How do we assess it?

  • We take a Heart rate Variability measurement which is an Index that measures your status of Health and Wellbeing. Depending on your age it should be within a particular value. Read More
  • Evaluation of 24h Sleep Pattern and Stress Levels
  • Specific questionnaire developed to assess Autonomic Nervous system

3)Acupuncture assessment following Western and Chinese Medicine Principles. There are 361 acupoints, but some of them are particular important and can tell us how the Energetic system is working.

4)Kinesiology muscle Testing: it assesses the impact of past and present physical and Emotional traumas, using specific muscle testing procedures.


If you have had a Surgery or Injury of any kind and you are struggling with mobility and/or pain, this is for you.

What does it include?

  • Tailored Rehabilitation program in Clinic:  during your physiotherapy sessions you will receive Passive treatments(Manual therapy, Acupuncture etc.) and Active Treatment (a progressive Rehab exercise program).
    The Rehabilitation program will be based depending on the kind of operation you have received and what are your goals.
    Let’s say for example Mr John and Mr David have had a knee replacement. John is 70 and is not very active, instead David is 65 and practices a lot of sport.
    Each of them will need a completely different Rehabilitation Program.
  • Tailored Home Exercise Program: which includes
    -Video Tutorials and detailed explanation
    -Access through the App
    -Ability to communicate with your therapist through the software
    -Possibility of Tracking Progress and Pain Levels


Who doesn’t like a nice massage?

If you are not looking for any treatment in particular but you would like a moment of relax for yourself or you just want to get rid of those knots in your back, this is certainly the right choice for you.

Each massage is delivered from a Professional Physiotherapist, who would be able to give you advice on Health and Wellbeing.

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Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do you seem to react always in the same way in a particular situation?
  • Why are some Habits so difficult to change?
  • Why don’t you get what you want?
  • Why do you feel that there is something holding you back from achieving your goals?
  • Why do some people look so confident?
  • Why 2 people being in the same situation achieve completely different results?

Just imagine the Mind as a computer, when you first buy a computer and you turn it on, there is the basic Apple or Microsoft software installed and nothing more. After you are able to install any software that you like or you need.

The Mind from 0-6 years old is the same, with the difference that you don’t decide what to install, but you learn Beliefs and Behaviours from others. Logically after 6 you will still keep learning and developing but the big chunk of software is there and the new ones will be created in order to match as much as possible what’s already in there.

There is a big BUT:

What if I tell you that there are techniques that can help you to access this Software and change it with new one of your choice?

The techniques used are:



Why do we feel stressed?

Everything depends on how we perceive the world. Each one of us has a subjective view of everything that is happening around.

Let’s give some examples:

  • Public Speaking

A person might be stressed knowing that they are going to speak in front of a group of people, instead another person can be completely confident and at ease.

  1. The first person’s Mind perceives speaking in front of a public as a Threat. This could be for many reasons, such as forecasting a disastrous performance or having low self-esteem and focusing on what the people in the room may think of them. There might be several different scenarios.
  2. The second person’s Mind perceives speaking in front of a public as a normal task as can be brushing the teeth. This means that this person hold a completely different belief system, for example: public speaking is normal for me, I am a confident person.

In nutshell, the situation is the same but how these two People perceive it, is completely different.

Using the appropriate techniques we can change how we perceive situations, therefore we can change things that are stressful in something much easier to deal with.
This in return will lower our stress levels, improve our mood and Wellbeing.

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