Ankles Sprains: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Massaging a sprained foot

An ankle sprain is an injury or a strain of ankle ligaments that is easily treatable in most cases. Sudden movements or twists of the ankle can result in such sprains. The condition can be painful, and regular visits to a pain therapy clinic are recommended.

Causes of an Ankle Sprain

A sudden jerk can cause ankle ligaments to tear or stretch. This can induce swelling and bruising. Tendons, vessels, or cartilage can also sustain damage in an ankle sprain. Physical activities such as dancing and sports can sometimes lead to such sprains. Wearing the wrong kind or size of footwear can also increase the risk of injury.

The Symptoms

Following are some typical symptoms of a sprained ankle;

  1. Swollen ankles
    2. A tender sensation in the ankles
    3. Bruises
    4. Sensitivity to weight
    5. Change in skin color
    6. Muscular stiffness


The range of motion of one’s ankle is analyzed by a medical professional to diagnose an ankle sprain. An MRI or an X-Ray might also be needed to determine the severity of the tear and a possible bone fracture.

Home Treatments for Ankle Sprains

A mild ankle sprain might not require hospitalization and can be treated at home or through ankle sprain treatment at 5 Star Clinic.

  1. Wrapping your ankle in an ACE bandage for better support and recovery.
    2. Wearing an ankle brace
    3. Wearing an ankle crutch
    4. Keeping your feet alleviated to avoid swelling
    5. Taking over the counter medication for pain management
    6. Avoiding weight strains on the ankle
    7. Use of cold or hot packs for reduced swelling

These treatments are to be conducted under the supervision of a medical professional. The time for healing can vary from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the sprain.

Surgical Treatments

In certain severe cases of an ankle sprain, non-surgical treatments may not be enough. This happens when irreversible damage is done to the ligaments in the ankle. Surgeries for ankle sprains are rare but can be deemed necessary in some cases.

1. Arthroscopy

This surgery can be performed for the treatment of a variety of joint problems. This surgery allows doctors to look within the ankle and observe the extent of the damage.

2. Reconstruction

Reconstruction surgery is performed when the torn ligaments are unable to heal naturally and require replacement and repair.

Wear flat shoes to avoid ankle sprains


Following are some effective ways to avoid ankle sprains;

  1. Wearing flat and comfortable shoes
    2. Pre-workout warm-ups
    3. Making a habit of looking down when walking
    4. Ankle strengthening exercises

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