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Managing Chronic Pain: All You Need to Know

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Chronic pain is a persistent and often unbearable pain that can last for several months or years. It affects the lives of over 43% population and the effects can be debilitating in many cases. These types of chronic pains include cancer-related secondary pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. Majority of these patients fail to find relief […]

3 Research-Backed Reasons to Get Acupuncture

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The past 40 years have been instrumental in the history of this world. We saw the inception and onslaught of the World Wide Web, America had a black President, we pulled out of the European Union, and Acupuncture gained immense popularity all over the world. In the UK alone, every year, 2.3 million acupuncture treatments […]

4 Ways Chronic Pain Can Impact Quality of Life

a woman suffering from chronic back pain

Chronic pain is no light matter. In the US alone, 50 million people suffer from this never-ending, unforgiving condition. That’s about 20.4% of the entire country’s population—and this is only as far as the adults are concerned. The seniors are a whole different lot, most of them affected by this affliction. Chronic pain doesn’t come […]

Life in a Post-Pandemic World—Managing Post-COVID Stress Disorder

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If you thought PTSD was tough, we’re here to remind you of a new feather in that cap: PCSD, or Post-COVID Stress Disorder. If the stress levels weren’t high enough on their own during the pandemic, there’s all this leftover trauma to deal with, and many people are not sure what to do about it. […]

4 Amazing Health Benefits of Hypnotherapy

person sleeps soundly after hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is fast growing as one of the world’s most popular techniques—but is it just a fad, or is there any truth to its usefulness? Hypnotherapy does have, as opposed to what critics say, many health benefits, some of which are: Better Sleep Many of us have spent many years trying to find a magic […]

Stress-a list of Physical and Emotional Symptoms

Stress is a mind and body reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. These changes can be Physical or Environmental(e.g. extreme cold or hot, or an injury),Mental(e.g.negative thoughts), and emotional(e.g.negative emotions) responses. Stress is a normal part of life.In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid […]

HRV(Heart Rate Variability)—Autonomic system function.

HRV(Heart Rate Variability)—as a predictor of Autonomic system function. A good HRV means—good Autonomic system function which relates to good Health and Well-being in your Body and Mind. A LOW HRV value has been associated with several conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Heart conditions, Diabetes type 2, and much more. Below a Diagram with HRV […]

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