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Chronic Back Pain Vs. Acute Back Pain: All You Should Know

a woman lying on her stomach

Back pain is common among young and adults alike. While some may experience back pain due to their old age, others might develop back pain because of a poor posture or bad sleeping position. You should consult your physician immediately if you have long-term, chronic or acute back pain. This blog will learn about the […]

Exercises for Back Pain Relief

a topless man sitting and facing a table

When you are experiencing back pain, you may feel like resting all day. However, you must get moving and stretch your muscles to alleviate back pain quickly. Exercises engaging your back muscles can help strengthen your back, legs, and core muscles. Such exercises can also help you support your spine, eventually relieving back pain. Here […]

Hiking, Trekking, and Mountaineering: All You Need to Know

people hiking in the mountains

Many people may use mountaineering, trekking, and hiking synonymously. Although these terms refer to somewhat similar outdoor activities in a mountainous area, they are quite different. Hence, it’s crucial to learn the difference between the three before you plan a trip. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a group of people equipped with totally different skills […]

Why Do You Need To Improve Your Posture

a person with poor posture using a tablet while sitting on a chair

Many people suffer from lower back problems because of bad posture. Long work hours in the wrong posture can lead to numerous back and spinal issues. Anything twisted, crooked, or pinned under your weight for an extended period while in the improper position can stay that way for as long as you can imagine. This […]

Symptoms You Have Acute Back Pain

A sketch of a spinal cord.

Any injury to the spinal cord, nerves, muscles, connective tissues or joints in the lower back can cause back pain. Back pain is one of the top reasons why people miss work or are unable to perform their daily tasks. It is also amongst the leading causes of disability worldwide! You may have acute back […]

Experiencing Neck Pain? Here’s How to Cope

A woman having neck pain.

Understanding the causes of neck pain can help you cope with it more effectively. While various reasons can cause neck stiffness, poor posture tops them all! With most of us spending more time staring at our computer screens or mobile phones, experiencing neck stiffness has become more frequent than ever before! Here’s are some ways […]

Common Causes of Severe Back Pain

a woman experiencing back pain

If you’ve ever experienced severe back pain, you know just how debilitating it can be. But have you wondered what causes the excruciating pain and keeps you up all night long? While severe back pain can be a symptom of a medical condition, it can also be caused by simple lifestyle mistakes. Let’s look at […]

5 Reasons behind Your Mental Health Struggles

Mental health matter

Mental illness is a comprehensive concept that refers to a variety of conditions that can cause symptoms that alter a person’s state of mind, emotions, mood, or actions. Someone who has a mental illness may find it challenging to manage jobs, relationships, and other responsibilities. However, medication, therapy, or both, can help most people manage […]

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