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How Chronic Headaches Can Affect Your Daily Life

a woman holding her due to excruciating pain

Chronic headaches and their long-lasting symptoms can interfere with practically every part of your life. Studies reveal nearly 190,000 people complain of headaches each day, with approximately 6 million people suffering from migraines in the UK. Throbbing pains affect your personal and professional life. This blog will brief you on ways chronic headaches can impact your life. Impacts […]

8 Common Causes of Migraine

A girl suffering from a migraine.

Migraine is a recurring headache that causes pulsing or throbbing pain on one side of your head. It starts with mood swings, vision flashes, followed by light sensitivity and complete exhaustion. Symptoms of migraine include: Uncontrollable yawning Confusion Blurred vision Nausea Sound sensitivity and more. A migraine can range from mild to severe, restricting you […]

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