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What Is a Spinal Adjustment, and How Can It Help You?

a practitioner performing a spinal adjustment therapy

The musculoskeletal system is a complex system that comprises the bones, cartilage, muscles, and tendons. It works to keep you upright and support your movement. However, any problem in the system can affect your movement, potentially causing other complications. Spinal adjustment is a medical practice that is designed to handle problems regarding the musculoskeletal system. […]

All You Need to Know About Therapeutic Exercises

a person doing physiotherapy exercises

Therapeutic exercises are an integral component of physiotherapy that ensure your swift recovery. Your physiotherapist might include them in your treatment plan if you’re receiving physiotherapy for an injury or a chronic condition. These exercises involve movements and physical activities designed to boost your flexibility, enhance your range of motion, and restore function. Additionally, they […]

Why You Should Play Football This Summer

a football on a green field

If you want to stay fit and active, consider incorporating sports into your daily routine. Sports keep your mind fresh and your body strong and healthy. Summer is a great time to go outdoors and explore fun activities. If you’re looking for an immersive sport, consider playing football this summer. Let’s look at some of […]

How Swimming Can Help You Stay in Shape

a person swimming in the lake

If you’re looking for an enjoyable leisure activity to boost your mental and physical health, consider swimming. Besides being a full-time, professional sport, swimming is a healthy activity that doubles as a workout for your whole body and offers many health benefits. Now let’s look at how swimming helps you improve your physical and mental […]

How Can You Fix Your Posture?

a woman leaning over the table while sitting

Poor posture can lead to multiple back and neck issues, limiting your flexibility and mobility. Hunching over your desk, sleeping on your stomach, or slouching when on the phone can exert pressure on your vital abdominal organs, preventing them from performing their functions. This blog will discuss ways to fix your posture. 1. Monitor Your Posture Throughout […]

Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

silhouette of people playing volleyball during sunset

Playing sports regularly is a great way to stay fit and healthy while having fun. Whether competitive or recreational, sports offer an ideal way to exercise, socialise, and maintain optimal physical and mental health. However, there are risks associated with exercise, and sports are no exception. When we participate in physical activity, there’s a high […]

Infographic: What To Expect At Your First Physiotherapy Session

People often confuse physiotherapy with it being a massage session but here are a few things you should learn that might help you with the session.

Tennis Elbow- Diagnosis and Treatment

A girl holding her elbow.

Lateral epicondylitis, otherwise known as tennis elbow, is an injury that occurs when you overload your elbow tendons. Despite its name, anyone can have a tennis elbow—it’s not just tennis players. For example, people whose jobs require them to move their arms and wrists repetitively can also experience a tennis elbow. These include butchers, carpenters, […]

Causes and Treatments for Sprained Ankle

a skeletal model of an ankle

There are several treatment options for sprained ankle and other lower leg injuries. The longer you wait to start treatment, the more likely your ankle will become permanently damaged. The main causes of a sprain are twisting or turning in an unusual manner and landing on an area where muscles, tendons, or ligaments are tensed. If […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Right After A Car Accident

A damaged car on the road

If you find yourself in an unfortunate car accident, you need to be prepared to respond to the situation. Contact a pain therapy clinic in Lancashire immediately to ensure there are no underlying medical issues. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when dealing with a roadside accident. 1. Don’t ignore minor injuries Minor […]

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