As you are here, you are probably in search for a solution and that’s great, because you are one step ahead to find it.

I wonder if your story is similar to the one that we hear from hundreds of clients every year, because we have noticed that there are some commonality/features.
Many of our clients report things like below:


We well understand that when talking about Chronic pain, our clients are not just in pain,but there is much more to that.
In fact, they will probably suffer with many other associated symptoms.

For example they might present some of these
(this list is not exhaustive):

Many people are surprised in hearing this and knowing that we know about them…
How do we know about all of this and much more?

Over the last 10years we have been studying, researching and learning with the most renowned practitioners all around the world in regards to Physical and Mental Wellbeing.

What we have discovered is that each discipline (Physiotherapy, Western, Chinese medicine etc.) and each technique(Acupuncture, Spinal Adjustments, Exercises etc.) are only one piece of a much bigger picture.


Imagine the Chronic pain just like a Puzzle, where you have 10sets of pieces and each set has a different colour.
Now, imagine that each colour set represents a discipline with their own techniques and understanding of the problem.

Can you imagine completing the puzzle with only one or two sets out of ten?

Well, the puzzle is going to be far from being completed and to make any sense.

That’s why over the last 10years we have gathered all these pieces to put the puzzle together and not only that, we have learned the order on how and when is the time to put the next piece. 


Let me tell you a story that might clarify this even more..

One day an Elephant stopped in a village in front of four blind men. Each of the man used their hands, to feel a part of the elephant.
One had felt the ear and described it like a huge banana leaf. The next man who had felt the trunk described it as a thick vine. The next blind man felt instead the legs and described it as a tree trunk. The last one who felt the elephant’s tail, describe it as a rope.
As the elephant walked away the four men got into a heated argument about who was right about what was in front of them.
The reality was that each of them was partially right, though none of them had the whole picture of what an elephant is.

Just like the four blind men, each discipline focuses only on one aspect of what the person needs to resolve the Low back pain.
That’s the reason why that without combining different aspects of body and mind the back pain and all the related symptoms above cannot be resolved.




We have created a specific assessment protocol and treatment plan
to help our clients who have been suffering from Chronic pain

Full Biomechanical Assessment

This is the sort of assessment you will receive from any prepared Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, or any other Health Professional.

It might slightly differ between professions but it will aim to assess the functionality of joints, muscles, and nerves.

This will allow us to find out if is there any mechanical cause associated with your pain, for example:

  • A joint has a reduced movement(for example, the neck can move better to the right rather than to the left)
  • A ligament or tendon or a nerve is injured
  • There is severe damage to a joint(for example, the hip joint has severe arthrosis needing a replacement).
  • Spot Red Flags such as inflammatory disease, fractures or anything else which might need further investigations.

We combine knowledge from different disciplines to deliver
the best possible assessment.

physiotherapy in Preston

Autonomic Nervous system assessment

As you look to the picture so you can see that autonomic nervous system is present in all your body and controls most of the functions in the organs and body, such as:

  • Heartbeat
  • Blood Pressure
  • Digestion
  • Respiration
  • Muscle contraction 
  • Stress Regulation
  • and many, many more

It has two parts: Sympathetic (ON) and Parasympathetic (OFF), which they have completely opposite function.
The Sympathetic (ON) aids you to exercise, stay focus, be alert and is involved with everything requiring activity,  the  Parasympathetic (OFF), aids you to relax, to loosen the muscles, to digest and so on

If the two are not balanced the Body, and the Mind will start to develop a wide range of symptoms like those mentioned in the List above.

How do we assess it?

  • We take a Heart rate Variability measurement which is an Index that measures your status of Health and Wellbeing. Depending on your age it should be within a particular value.
  • Evaluation of 24h Sleep Pattern and Stress Levels
  • The specific questionnaire developed to assess Autonomic the Nervous system


Acupuncture assessment following Western and Chinese Medicine Principles

We blend different knowledge form Western and Chinese Acupuncture with the most recent discoveries of the channels/energetic system that can be compared of a big electric circuit.

In fact, just imagine what would happen if the circuit bringing electricity to you Hub was broken or not working very well.
The same happens in the body, if the circuit bringing the electricity to the muscle, joints, nerves etc in your lower back was not working very well, then all those structure would not function optimally.

This system has also an important relationship with the Autonomic Nervous system mentioned above.

Injury Timeline

It is very important to consider previous injuries, surgeries and related scar tissue, old stressor etc, that have happened throughout your timeline.
This is because if not completely resolved they can cause a miscommunication between your brain and the musculoskeletal system(muscles, joints, nerves etc.).

You might be thinking how and why this would happen? Let me explain that to you..

Firstly, you need to know that your brain and musculoskeletal system communicate at all time, so if for example your are bending forward to pick up a tissue from the floor, your brain will know that your back is bent forward 90degrees and certain muscles needs to be activated, whilst others to be relaxed, some joints to move in a certain direction and so on.
Therefore, there will be at all the time this communication back and forth.

Previous injuries, surgeries and related scar tissue, old stressor and similar when not well or completely resolved will cause miscommunication so in the above example the brain will receive the wrong information that your back is bent forward 80degress instead, so the wrong muscles will be activate or relaxed, the joint will move into an incorrect position and so on.

This is going to lead to putting strain and overload in the wrong area causing inflammation, pain and much more.

Just imagine this, what would happen if a airplane pilot would receive a radio communication regarding the possibility to land and understand the the landing runway is free when instead it was the opposite?
Well, you can imagine that the outcome might not be great, mainly if that gets repeated a few times.

This assessment allows to find and incorrect or broken communication and any compensations that the body has created overtime to restore the correct functioning.

Stress and Unhealthy Emotions

The latest research are finding more and more correlations between negative emotions, high levels of stress and pain.

What means is that it will create a self-maintaining Loop:

A physical injury causing Pain—can generate Stress—-which can generate Negative emotions—-which will increase the Pain perceived—-this can create a loop that can self-maintain even when the injury which caused the initial pain is long is gone.

The same loop can be caused starting from Stress without an injury:

Increased levels of Stress—can generate both Negative emotions and Pain, without any particular injury—this over time will increase the levels of Stress—generating even more Pain and Negative Emotions–again creating a self-maintaining loop

You might thinking, I am not imagining the pain at all, my pain is real and my muscles are tight! 
Indeed, you are 100% right, what you feel it’s all true, Let me explain how it works…

Let’s imagine that there has been a lot of stress going on at work and that you spend at least a few hours or maybe a big chunk of your time at work.
This stress it’s going to cause your body to release some particular hormones and chemicals which will in turn cause your muscle to tense up and be ready to fight or run.

Let me tell something, that’s not your fault, our primordial brain is wired for survival, which means that will automatically respond like that to stress, because that was very useful to deal with a tiger a lion or imminent danger like that. This is a fast and automatic response which should last for a short while and be gone.

Do you know what’s the problem nowadays? 
Due to the current lifestyle and the different types of stress we undergo(work, family, finances, relationship, etc.) this response is triggered over and over again or for long period of times.

Then, the above loop is triggered, till the point when it becomes an habit and it’s triggered automatically.

What can we do to break down this Loop?

there are several possibilities to tackle it down, such as:

  • Reduce the level of stress
  • Balance the Autonomic Nervous system
  • Increase the Resilience
  • Remove or modify limiting beliefs that are causing stress
  • Remove or modify limiting beliefs that are maintaining the Pain
  • Remove present or past Triggers which are causing a high level of Stress
  • Increase the experience of positive emotions, triggering the brain reward circuits
  • and more…

It’s a bit like upgrading the software on your PC so it can be equipped with what’s needed to deal with the new demand easily and smoothly.

By this point the majority of people are 100% sure that we are the right choice for them.
Some people might not have reached that level of certainty, then don’ take our words, read


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