Daily Health Conversations With Your Body

Daily Health Conversations With Your Body

We unconsciously “hear” our bodies every day. The hunger pangs signal when it’s time to eat, feelings of fatigue tell us it’s time to rest, our feet get sore with too much standing or walking, and we seek out a drink when we feel thirsty. These basics appear to be uncomplicated, but there is a lot more going on because of the connection between our mind and our body — how we feel physically and what we are feeling emotionally.

One way to get on the road to discovering your mind-body connection is to make a conscious effort to incorporate simple daily health practices into your routine. Don’t make a grandiose resolution like signing up for a gym membership and then feel guilty when you’re too worn down after work to go — your goal is to set yourself up for success, not guilt. 5 Star Clinic understands the challenges people face in taking ownership of their wellbeing, helping hundreds of people like you work through life’s chaos to help get them started.

Engage the mind and body — and also let it go

We know that it’s good to keep our bodies in motion as much as possible. Daily walks, parking farther from the door when we run errands, taking the stairs instead of the elevator — these are all small tactics that keep us moving, even if our 9-to-5 lives are largely sedentary. And rather than stressing about how you can’t possibly be accomplishing that much by integrating those new routines into your day, give yourself the satisfaction of seeing those small steps add up in real-time.

Use the many available health and fitness tracking apps that you can install on your smartphone. For those times when you need to untether yourself from your phone (and you should!), consider getting a wearable fitness tracker or smartwatch. Today’s smart styles are chic enough to wear in an office setting, and you can dress it up or down with a variety of bands, while screen protectors guard against the rigours of daily activity.

It’s also important to keep our minds active and engaged. You may believe that you do enough “thinking” at work, but it may not be the kind of stimulation that fires up different neurons in your brain. Take some time to figure out a puzzle or a “brain game” for a mental change of pace.

Your mind and body also need rest and relaxation. You know the importance of sleep and even the touted benefits of the afternoon nap, but how diligent are you about practising mindfulness? Daily exercises in mediation and yoga can help rid your mind of negativity and stress before they manifest themselves physically or with emotional symptoms such as excessive crying or attacks of acute self-doubt. If you only have time for 5-10 minutes a day or 3 times a week, allow yourself to be proud of that accomplishment instead of fretting that you should be able to do more.

Nourishing ourselves inside and out

Your best skincare tactic is healthy eating. Try to go to the farmer’s market on a pleasant Saturday and see if you can notice the difference in your meals — that may be enough incentive for you to make more frequent visits. Drink plenty of water and avoid eating as many processed foods as possible. If the thought of fixing an evening meal after a workday seems overwhelming, try some meal prepping on the weekends or take a test run with a popular meal plan delivery. You may find that it inspires you to take a few cooking lessons and begin the journey to a delicious hobby.

Small skincare and beauty routines should also be part of the conversation. They don’t need to be expensive, nor require weekly appointments to the salon. Pay attention to your scalp and skin cleaning habits, particularly at night, to rid your face of any makeup or pollutants. Be kind to your skin by using SPF lotions to protect it from the sun. A little aromatherapy never hurt, either, whether you use skincare products infused with high-quality oils that relax and rejuvenate or a diffuser that contributes to your overall sense of well-being.

Free yourself up to listen

A healthy mind is better equipped to listen to what your body is telling you. If there are sensations that are getting in the way of that listening, like stress or pain, and you can’t seem to resolve it all completely through these and other strategies, give 5 Star Clinic a call and let us in on the conversation to see if we are right for you and your journey.



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