Dangers of Mobile Phone Overuse

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In this day and age, the majority of the population are mobile phone users. Parents are allowing children to use phones at a much younger age. The elderly are getting accustomed to mobile phone usage and using phones just as much as their grandchildren. This sudden upsurge in mobile phone usage has given rise to many health concerns.

People complain of much more mental, emotional, and physical illness than they did less than a decade ago. Here are a few commonly reported health complications that mobile phone overuse has been causing.

1. Shorter Attention Span

The abundance of readily available information and entertainment on our mobile phones has sent us into a permanent state of over-stimulation. Our brains are processing much more information per minute than healthy. Continuous use of mobile phones has made the younger generation better at multitasking but worsened their mental focus. Proficient phone users can transition from one task to another more easily but struggle with tasks that require prolonged focus.

2. Eyes Strain

Mobile phones and computer overuse can cause permanent damage to your eyes. The blue light radiating from these screens can weaken your eyesight. Our eyes should not be exposed to unnatural fluorescent light as it can be straining and damaging. Your vision can be temporarily or permanently blurred with daily prolonged screen time. Additionally, eye dryness and irritation are also common among mobile phones users.

3. Headaches

Mobile phone usage has been recognized as a trigger for migraines in many cases. Prolonged screen time has many sudden and delayed effects on your health. People who require regular migraine treatment should cut down on their mobile phone usage for proper recovery. Choose warmer colors on your display screens. When using your phone for multiple hours, turn on the “night mode” on your phone’s screen to limit the emission of hazardous blue light.

4. Disturbed Sleep Patterns

If you have made a habit of using your phone right before bed, you are likely to struggle with sleep disorders. Individuals with higher screen time can have trouble falling asleep and have a generally disturbed sleeping pattern. In many cases, it can be the cause of insomnia. Using bright screens before sleep can also disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm and cause sleeplessness.

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5. Neck and Back Pain

Texting, scrolling, and calling on your phones for multiple hours a day can lead to chronic neck and back pain. Try not to type on your devices unless you have to, and switch to voice commands when possible.

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