Exercises for Back Pain Relief

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When you are experiencing back pain, you may feel like resting all day. However, you must get moving and stretch your muscles to alleviate back pain quickly.

Exercises engaging your back muscles can help strengthen your back, legs, and core muscles. Such exercises can also help you support your spine, eventually relieving back pain.

Here are some effective exercises to deal with your back pain.

Partial crunches

While you must avoid some exercises that aggravate your back pain, other exercises such as partial crunches can help alleviate the pain. Partial crunches allow you to lift your back just halfway through a full crunch, stretching just enough of your back muscles to make them feel better.

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Cross your arms behind your neck, tighten your core muscles and slightly start raising your shoulders above the floor. Breathe and focus on your back muscles, stretching when you raise your shoulders. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then slowly lower your back to the floor.

Hamstring stretches

Lay down on your back and bend one of your knees. Loop up a stretch band around the sole of the other leg and raise the leg straight up, stretching your lower back muscles. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat four times for both legs.

Wall sits

Lean back against a wall keeping your back straight. Then slowly lower down, bending your knees, creating a chair-like posture. This will allow you to put gentle stress on your lower back muscles, making them less stiff and relieving your lower back pain.

Although these exercises are effective in acute back pain, you should always consult a physician or a physiotherapist if your pain does not go away within a day or two.

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