Firstly, why do we experience pain?

The pain is a message that the brain sends to a particular area of the body. This message can be sent because of a tissue damage/physical trauma(for example you have just twisted your knee) or can be an alarm that something is out of balance in the physical/emotional system.

What does Pain Resolution include?

1)Full Biomechanical Assessment: Basically we will do several tests to checks your postural asset and body functionality and how your joints and muscles are working)

2)Autonomic Nervous system assessment :
The autonomic system controls all those functions that your are not aware of such as digestion, blood circulation, heart beat and much more. 

Now, Imagine to have an ON/OFF system such as the switch of the light. Your system is ON when your body/mind need available energy to perform activities, instead is OFF when is in a resting/growing phase.
Its Assessment will help to understand if your “body/mind system” is Over-stressed or out of balance.

3)Acupuncture assessment following Western and Chinese Medicine Principles. There are 361 acupoints, but some of them are particular important and can tell us how the Energetic system is working.

4)Kinesiology muscle Testing: it assesses the impact of past and present physical and Emotional traumas, using specific muscle testing procedures.

5)Treatments to deal with Stress and Unhealthy Emotions:
The latest researches are finding more and more correlations between Negative Emotions, high levels of Stress and Pain.

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