How a Migraine Can Affect Your Social Life

a person having a migraine headache

More than 10% of the world’s population is affected by migraines. Unlike a normal headache, a migraine is a neurological disease that can significantly affect your personal and social life. Apart from the excruciating pain, the symptoms of a migraine may include vomiting or nausea, vision changes, and sensitivity to light and noise.

Let’s look at some ways how migraine can impact your social life.

Migraine affects your friendships and romantic relationships

When you have a severe migraine attack, you may miss out on a birthday or your date. As your friends and acquaintances may not realize the pain you’re going through, they may take you as someone who doesn’t want to partake in social activities. After numerous similar occurrences, they may stop inviting you altogether.

This may further deteriorate your mental and social well-being. As people cut you off because of your unavailability, you may end up isolated and alone. That’s why it’s crucial to seek professional help if you have migraine episodes affecting your social life.

Migraine may impact your work life

Apart from social relations, this condition can also take a toll on your work life. As the symptoms get more severe, focusing on your work and staying productive can become challenging. If you have a migraine attack at work, you’ll have difficulty focusing on your tasks and communicating with your colleagues.

a person having a migraine attack

Not to mention that a non-supportive working environment can further worsen the symptoms. For example, if your colleagues are not sympathetic to your condition, they may respond rudely and, in some cases, may even bully you for your “irrational” behavior at work.

Migraine and Parenting

If you’ve ever been around a toddler for more than a few minutes, you must have an idea of how challenging parenting could be. Attending to your kids’ needs 24/7 can be exhausting, especially if you’re a single parent who cannot afford a babysitter.

Now add the pain and stress of migraine attacks to the tedious task of parenting your kids—it would just be too much! You need immense patience to deal with children’s constant tantrums. This is one of the reasons why people who have migraine often have a difficult time deciding whether to have kids or not in the first place.

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