How Can You Fix Your Posture?

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Poor posture can lead to multiple back and neck issues, limiting your flexibility and mobility. Hunching over your desk, sleeping on your stomach, or slouching when on the phone can exert pressure on your vital abdominal organs, preventing them from performing their functions.

This blog will discuss ways to fix your posture.

1. Monitor Your Posture Throughout the Day

Monitor your posture while doing everyday tasks, such as walking, doing the dishes, or watching television. Make sure you’re sitting up straight when watching TV. Keep your shoulders back, hands hanging naturally by the side, and stomach tucked in to maintain your posture as you walk.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can help you improve your posture. It strengthens your core muscles as well as the muscles around your pelvis, abdomen, and back. You can practice stretching exercises to lengthen and stretch the muscles in your hamstrings, glutes, and spine. This helps release tension in your neck and lower back, thus relaxing you.

The standing stretch (also known as the front fold) also releases muscle tension while stretching your legs and hips.

3. Sleep In a Fetal Position

The foetal position is one of the best sleeping positions you can adopt to improve your back, neck, and spinal health.  It relaxes you while keeping your back straight, eliminating the root cause of muscle pain.

It also offers a different comfort level, allowing you to sleep peacefully. Here are a few instructions to keep in mind:

  • Don’t lay flat. Sleep on your sides
  • Comfortably press both knees close to your chest
  • To ease back pain, curl or roll yourself into a ball.
  • Switch sides during the night to avoid your legs or hands getting numb

4. Keep Your Weight in Check

Added weight can cause people to exert more pressure on their joints, causing them to bend oddly to support the body weight.

Being overweight can weaken your abdominal muscles, causing spinal and pelvic issues that may lead to pains in your lower back. This can be detrimental to your posture.

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5. Wear Low-Heeled, Comfy Shoes

Not everyone can carry high heels like a diva. Heels shift your centre of gravity forwards as you stand on your toes. They also throw off your balance.

Wearing heels causes you to push your pelvis forward, exerting pressure on your spine and the nerves in the lower back. This strains your lower back muscles. Holding your body in this posture for an extended time can damage your lower back muscles.

As a result, you must wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes to maintain your posture and prevent back injuries.

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