What is Sciatica? Find Out All You Need to Know

Woman with sciatica pain

The sciatic nerve The sciatic nerve is present in the lower back of our body, specifically known as the gluteal region. This nerve is the longest and widest of the entire nervous system. A sciatic nerve runs down each of our legs, all the way down to the knee. Sciatica Sciatica refers to chronic pain […]

Why Does My Back Hurt? Unpacking Back Pain Causes & Treatments

A Faceless Man Rubbing His Lower Back

According to a report by Arthritic Research UK, one in six people in England suffers from some sort of back pain. While the report cited obesity and lack of physical activity as the direct causes, it also hinted at smoking as one of the reasons so many people in the country suffer from the condition. […]

The 3 Undisputed Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

lower back pain

Acupuncture is an ancient healing procedure that originated thousands of years ago as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The procedure makes use of thin, almost hair-like needles that are inserted deep into the skin at specific acupuncture points. This helps in restoring the balance of positive and negative energies inside the body and triggering […]

Hypnotherapy for Athletes: Does It Work?

athlete about to run

Hypnotherapy and sports go hand in hand. It has been used by several prominent athletes to develop new habits, improve their cognitive and motor skills, and achieve a stronger mind-body connection. Let’s take a look at the ways hypnotherapy affects athletes. How Hypnotherapy Helps with Athletic Performance Hypnotherapy is a pretty effective way to reinforce […]

Preventing Tennis Elbow with These 4 Tips

woman playing tennis

Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a form of muscle injury that affects the elbow joint. It’s caused because of the overuse of the forearm muscles and is one of the leading injuries sustained by tennis players. That said, the injury isn’t only restricted to athletes. In fact, it’s also prevalent among individuals […]

Work From Home Can Be A Pain In The Back: How To Manage

WFH workstation

The ongoing global health crisis has made social distancing a necessity for all, leading to many of us having to WFH. While some people may have been thriving in the new COVID-norm, many are reportedly struggling as it has affected their mental and physical health significantly. The good news is that you can take charge […]

The Connection Between Your Mental And Physical Health

pain relief through meditation

We often see our body and the mind as two separate entities; however, when it comes to a person’s overall well-being, it’s important to realise that they’re actually much closely connected. According to several studies, 32% of the people with long-term physical health conditions are also prone to experiencing poor mental health, such as anxiety […]

5 Conditions That Can Be Managed With Physical Therapy

Physiotherapist working on a patient

Physical therapy focuses on rehabilitative healthcare, where licensed and trained professionals utilise specially designed exercise regimens and equipment to treat several abnormal physical functions. A physiotherapist begins by evaluating the patient’s symptoms or condition, such as a disability, disease, or an injury, and then provides an appropriate treatment. Why Is Physical Therapy Important? Physical therapists […]

Tips For Dealing With Work-Related Stress

woman stressed because of deadlines at work

Stress is no joke. Several studies have concluded that excess stress can cause symptoms that affect our physical wellbeing as well, including upset stomach, headaches, chest pain, increased blood pressure, and troubled sleep patterns. It also plays a huge role in mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. When someone cannot cope up with undue […]

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