Knee Pain: Causes and Treatments

Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints that people experience.

As we engage in physically demanding activities or grow older, the risk of knee pain and injuries increases.

However, knee pain has several other causes; read on to find out.

Knee injuries

Many knee injuries can affect your tendons, ligaments, or bursae. Here are some of the common knee injuries:

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury: The ACL injury occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament is damaged. This ligament connects your tendon to your shinbone. This injury is very common in soccer, basketball, and tennis players.

Fracture: The bones in your knee, including the patella, can get fractured in auto accidents or falls. Moreover, people who have weak bones because of osteoporosis can sometimes fracture their knees simply by stepping their feet in the wrong position.

Knee bursitis: Sometimes, knee injuries may cause inflammation in your bursae. These are sacs of fluid that act as a cushion around knee joints to help your ligaments and tendon move smoothly around the joints.

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Home treatments for knee pain

If you are experiencing knee pain, you can try these home remedies to alleviate the pain.

Rest your knee

If walking or running makes your knee pain worse, you should rest it for a day or two. It allows for your knee to heal and repair any damaged tissues.


Icing your knee can help you reduce swelling and inflammation. You should apply the ice two to three times every day for about 30 minutes.

Compress your knee

Compressing your knee joint with a knee wrap or brace can also help reduce the swelling. It can also help you keep the patella and other ligaments intact in their original position.

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