Life in a Post-Pandemic World—Managing Post-COVID Stress Disorder

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If you thought PTSD was tough, we’re here to remind you of a new feather in that cap: PCSD, or Post-COVID Stress Disorder. If the stress levels weren’t high enough on their own during the pandemic, there’s all this leftover trauma to deal with, and many people are not sure what to do about it.

Why are People Stressed Out?

It is only natural to ask this question. After all, we have the vaccine, right? It’s being exported and developed all over the world, people have finally stopped believing in the Bill Gates theory, and our neighbors are getting vaccinated. Isn’t that good news?

It is, and it isn’t. While these vaccination drives ensure that people can move towards immunity and a relatively safer world, the trauma that COVID is leaving us with is huge. We can’t forget, not any time soon, how disastrous this pandemic has been for us all. We can’t forget how many people it has killed, how many lives it has destroyed, and how many families it has shattered. We can’t forget how many businesses it helped sink, how many economies it helped crash, and how many ventures it stopped from happening.

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More than a year on, the people are still reeling from the days of isolation not very far behind us. We had to learn how to live in quarantine suddenly, and now we have to snap out of it suddenly as well.

The Unemployment Factor

One cannot talk about the stress COVID has caused on a global scale without talking about the unemployment disaster it led to across the world. In one year, the global unemployment rate increased by 33 million. Small businesses had to shut down almost everywhere, whereas large industries had to re-establish their work models. Most people resorted to working from home, a transition which itself was tough in the beginningWork-From-Home burnout is very real and is well-documented. It has, again, left people with trauma.

All that being said, it was a terrible time for everyone. Those who didn’t have jobs or lost them struggled to make ends meet, and those who did have jobs struggled while making ends meet.

It is natural, then, when we return to our workplaces once this is over, that we will all be under a lot of pressure and stress. Having to be around people after being so scared of them will take its inevitable toll on us. The social fabric will continue to be strained for many months before we can all slip casually back into what was normal for us before 2020 arrived on the scene.

Managing Post-COVID Stress Disorder

It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. You can help yourself and others deal with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by Covid if you try to retrace your lives as they were before COVID hit. You’ll have to take it slow, give yourself time, and be comfortable with your fears and paranoia. You can also, alternatively, look into options like hypnotherapy. More information can be found here if you live in Preston.

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