MIGRAINE and TMC Acupuncture

In a previous article we have talked about the general classification of migraine.

For the article follow the link: https://www.5starclinicltd.com/migraine/

In this short article we will describe the presentation of a different kind of migraine described in the Chinese Medicine.

This  particular type of migraine differ from the normal migraine’s behaviour.

Normally a migraine benefit from a quiet environment and from the rest with avoidance of physical activities, instead this one it is worse in a quiet environment and the physical activity reduce the symptoms.

Another characteristic is that you have the sensation that the head wants to explode, a pressure on the head and mostly in the temple area is helpful, furthermore the Hot helps but not the cold.

The best treatment for this migraine is a particular acupuncture protocol, which can require the association of spinal manipulation technique.

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