Neck pain is a common ailment that affects a significant chunk of the adult population in the UK.
It typically emerges as a shooting pain in one spot within the neck tissues, but may slowly spread across the region.
Sometimes, the pain may extend all the way to the head, the shoulders or even the upper back. In extreme and usually rare cases, it may dissipate down the arm.

Neck pain can range from fairly mild to excruciating.
Depending on the severity of the condition, it can cause major inconvenience and interfere with your daily activities.
Persistent neck pain can cause hindrance even in the simplest of tasks such as getting dressed or trying to sleep.
It may be classified as acute, subacute, and chronic based on its duration.

In some cases, the neck pain can be treated using self-care methods.
These include resting and taking a break from strenuous activities, applying ice or heat to the site of the pain, pain relief medications and practicing gentle stretching exercises.

However, sometimes self-care practices aren’t enough and you need professional neck pain treatment for your ailment.