Preventing Tennis Elbow with These 4 Tips

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Also known as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a form of muscle injury that affects the elbow joint. It’s caused because of the overuse of the forearm muscles and is one of the leading injuries sustained by tennis players.

That said, the injury isn’t only restricted to athletes. In fact, it’s also prevalent among individuals who perform repetitive motions as part of their work or other activities.

So, how can tennis players prevent this injury? Here are a few preventative measures to follow.

Do Warm-Up Exercises

One of the most important parts of training for a sport is the warm-up stretches that accompany practice sessions. Whether you’re training for a tournament or just playing tennis for fun, make sure you practice stretching exercises before you begin the actual activity to reduce the risk of injury.

Ideally, you should perform extension exercises that target your forearm muscles. This helps in strengthening your arm and elbow muscles simultaneously. Simple wrist flexion exercises can also help with this and improve your flexibility and range of motion.

Use Proper Techniques

Are you using the right techniques and forms while playing? Improper techniques and movements can put you at a higher risk of sustaining a tennis elbow injury. It’s imperative that you don’t end up overexerting your arm muscles via incorrect movements.

It’s best to consult a professional coach to ensure that you’re using the correct practices. The better grasp you have on playing techniques, the less likely you are to put yourself at risk of a tennis elbow injury.

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Avoid Repetitive Tasks

Avoiding repetitive motions while playing tennis may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s not as challenging as you think. Since tennis is a high impact sport that involves repetitive arm movements, the best way to avoid muscle overexertion is during your practice sessions.

For instance, incorporate a variety of training techniques that involve muscles besides the elbow and arm muscles. Practice strengthening and flexibility exercises, and shuffle your training regimen for the best effect.

Don’t Ignore the Pain

This may sound obvious, but if at any point during your training you experience pain or discomfort, stop the activity. Contrary to popular belief, “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply here. Playing a sport isn’t about overexertion. It’s one thing to experience some stiffness when you resume training after a while. However, if your elbow joint hurts during regular practice, you need to listen to your body.

By continuing to train, you’re only going to make your joint more susceptible to a tennis elbow injury.

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