We see the world through
the lens of our beliefs!

As you look to this photo so imagine this, each one of us sees and perceives the world through a different lens and this is why for example a situation which is stressful for someone is not at all for another one.

Our mind is like a projector and shows us the external world through the lens of our beliefs.

This means that if we change our belief system, we then change our Lens and thus we see and perceive the world differently.

How do we create our BELIEF SYSTEM?

In the first 6 years of our lives the brain is like a sponge and we learn the majority of our subconscious programs through Experience and Behaviour from other people. In this time, it’s where a big part of our belief system is formed.

Behaviour: we can learn something by repeating several times the same “behaviour”. For example we learn driving through repeating several times a series of commands and activities. This requires a long time and effort.

Experience:  we create Beliefs through good or bad experiences.
For example touching something hot will create a pain experience,
so we learn to avoid touching hot things in order to don’t experience pain.

Belief drives behaviour and behaviour drives an experience that reinforces the belief. This is one reason why it’s hard to change beliefs consciously.

What did happen?


Well, you have put so much effort with your Conscious mind but in most cases the Subconscious has taken over
and run your brain and your behaviour using the old belief system.


How does PSYCH-K® work?

Firstly, we need to know that our brain has two Hemispheres, Left and Right, each of them deals with different functions of our thinking and perception.
Their collaboration is essential to function at best of our possibilities, even though each one of us  has a Right or the Left Brain dominance.


During the PSYCH-K® process a range of techniques are used  which allow a better connection and interaction between the Left and Right Hemisphere of your brain. The latter will let you access and re-program the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.

Will you still need to put the
Conscious work?


Sure, you need to. The big difference will be that your subconscious won’t try to sabotage you, instead will align helping what the Thinking-Mind to achieve whatever your goal is.

Taking the previous examples, if you are trying to lose weight and this time the new belief is: It’s easy to achieve a healthy weight, this is what will happen. CONSCIOUS MIND: will be involved in taking the necessary steps to lose weight (diet, exercise etc.)

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: the subconscious mind will support you in that, making things much easier. This because it believes that it’s easy to achieve a healthy weight.

This means you will have a powerful friend supporting your efforts instead of working against you.