The image gives an overview of the method, we can draw up some key points about it:

  1. It’s an opt-out or opt-in system that aims to treat conditions which cause pain or discomfort in the human body.
  2. It’s a mathematic and reproducible method
  3. Does not aim to heal medical disease

What do they mean?

1) It’s an opt-out or opt-in system: includes each sufferance which is not caused by a pathologic condition or that does not get relief from the treatment of that condition and so the sufferance could be caused from other components. Excludes each sufferance which is caused by a diagnosed pathologic condition for what must be followed the medical guidelines to treat it.

Example 1, Ankle sprain:

  • Inclusion: orthopaedic tests and Medical imaging (X-Ray, MRI etc.) when required are negative, which means no relevant structural damages.
  • Exclusion: bone fracture or severe ligament damage, exclude the method, depending on the severity will be needed a Medical approach or Rehabilitation program.

Example 2, Low back pain:

  • Inclusion: orthopaedic tests, neurologic tests, Medical imaging (X-Ray, MRI etc.), cannot fully explain the person’s pain.
  • Exclusion: presence of neurological signs/symptoms or structural damage (fracture, listhesis, bone oedema etc.)

Example 3, symptoms of constipation:

  • Inclusion: these symptoms occur with other identifiable findings (for example: low back pain, groin pain, cold feet/hands, other visceral disturbances etc.). Has not been found a Medical cause which cause the symptoms and for what the treatment gets rid of the sufferance.
  • Exclusion: Diagnosis of Diverticular disease, Colon polyps etc.

Example 4, body pain with related fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders, Physical symptoms such as pain, chest pain, palpitations, gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, or sensitivity to sound etc.:

  • Inclusion: has not been found an identifiable medical cause which reliefs from the symptomatology, these symptoms occur in presence of identifiable findings related to a therapeutic protocol.
  • Exclusion: thyroid disease, infectious disease, drug abuse or any pathologic diseases or direct effects of substances which can cause the person’s symptoms.

2) It’s a mathematic and reproducible method:

It means that this is based on an algorithm system. Only if some conditions are satisfied we can deliver the treatment. It’s reproducible means that every time that these conditions are present we must have a markable measurable improvement.

3) Does not aim to heal medical disease:


  • I have got a cancer, can it help me? No
  • I have had a reconstruction of my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), can it help me? No, you will need to follow a rehabilitation program.
  • I have got a Grade 2/Grade 3 ankle sprain, can it repair my ligaments?
  • I have been diagnosed with Lupus, can it help me?
  • I feel pain in my stomach, can it help me? Depends on: nothing medical relevant has been found or nothing give me a relief, so maybe needs to match the inclusion criteria.

Other scenario, has been found an ulcer in my stomach, then NO.

In closing, we often think that we have restored a normal function, because we have influenced the symptoms but let’s take this example:

I used to suffer with constipation, but from when I started to take the laxatives I don’t have problems any more.

Is it that a solution? Or are you just masking the symptoms?

A solution should be: from when the cause of my constipation has been eliminated, I do not have problems any more.

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