It’s the first time that you have got

Sciatica or Lower back Pain.

As every time something new is in front of you feel a bit lost, and it’s normal because you don’t know what to do, how long is going to last, what is the best solution, what should I look for.

You might have talked with the Doctor(and if you haven’t you should do! )but all the above questions are cluttering you mind.

You have been have been suffering with
Lower back Pain and/or Sciatica
Chronically or on and off for a while

You have been trying:

  • to find a pain management solution for a while,
  • self-help strategies,
  • the Doctor,
  • scans, blood tests, medications, supplements
  • different professionals such as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopath, Chinese Acupuncture and maybe alternative methods..

but without a real answer to your problem.

physiotherapy session


In any of the below situations Physiotherapy can be very helpful:

  • Presence of body pain;
  • Every time that you have a loss of functionality with or without pain (e.g. difficulty to move your neck towards one side; difficulty to bend or extend your knee; difficulty to stand up from a chair easily,  difficulty to move up your shoulder, etc.);
  • Sprains, minor trauma, presence of swelling/redness in a joint;
  • Presence of neurological signs (that do not require immediate medical intervention) such as tingling, numbness, pins, and needles. Loss of strength or alteration in the sensitivity, burning/electrical pain.
  • to regain a full functionality: after a fracture; immobilization with a plaster cast/boot; surgery;
  • to increase your sports performance; after a sports injury to get fully back to your previous sport activity;
  • after a sports injury to get fully back to your previous sport activity.

Physiotherapy can also have a preventive role – depending on your characteristics, a Physio in collaboration with your personal trainer can develop an exercise therapy program to improve your strength and muscle mass.
In several types of research, good muscle mass and strength have demonstrated a high correlation between good health, good aging, preventive effect and good outcome for several conditions.


In any of the below, a massage can be the right choice:

  • General muscle tension;
  • To increase joint mobility and flexibility;
  • The need for general relaxation and stress hormones reduction;
    To improve circulation, the flow of the oxygen and nutrients of the muscles;
    Stimulation of lymphatic system;
    To improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries;
  • to treat the muscle knots.


We understand that you might be confused and you
might not know what would be the best choice for your
Health & Wellbeing.

We would like to help you to make this decision,
so Listen and Read to what our client have to say.

This might help you to understand if we are the right fit for you. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

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Physiotherapy Treatment Services in LancashirePhysiotherapy is one of the most versatile treatment strategies and is widely used for various different purposes. The idea behind physiotherapy treatment services is to restore and maintain your body’s form, function, and mobility. It’s meant to heal injured muscle tissue and improve your body’s range of motion, inadvertently promoting optimal health and fitness.

Physiotherapy sessions may be sought for injury treatment, injury prevention, and physical rehabilitation. There are no set requirements for who can benefit from this intervention; it’s designed to boost physical fitness among individuals of all ages. That said, physiotherapy treatment services are especially sought by athletes, individuals with chronic musculoskeletal ailments, and senior citizens.

At 5 Star Clinic Ltd, we offer physiotherapy treatment services to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. From treating lower or upper back pain and shoulder pain to helping heal an ankle injury or recover from a hip replacement surgery, our physiotherapy sessions are for everyone. Book an appointment in Lancashire today!