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The treatment of any musculoskeletal condition will get a satisfying improvement within Initial Assessment (IA) + 3 sessions. If the condition should require more treatments the FOLLOW-UP price will be £30.00 per session instead of £50.00

Treatment Session Time Price
Initial Assessment (IA) 60 min £50.00
Follow-up (FU) 30 min £50.00
Therapy Deal: IA+3 sessions Total: 150 min £160.00
Massage Session Time Price
Deep tissue massage

Sport massage

30min/60 min £30.00/£40.00
Facial massage 30min/60 min £30.00/£40.00
Relaxing massage 30min/60 min £30.00/£40.00
Therapy Deal:


30min/60 min £125.00/£175.00
Therapy Deal:


30min/60 min £250.00/£350.00