Sprained Ankle: Symptoms and Treatment

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Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that involve the ligaments and bones located in the joint. The injury occurs when the bands of tissue covering the ankle joint stretch or tear. This typically occurs when you accidentally twist or turn your ankle at a wrong angle.

Though these injuries often heal on their own, they can cause discomfort and even worsen without proper treatment.

Do you have a sprained ankle or want to know the basics? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re discussing sprained ankles and their treatments for pain management in Preston.

What is a Sprained Ankle?

Though they might sound similar, a sprained ankle is very different from ankle strains. They occur from the tear or stretch of the ligaments responsible for connecting the bones of the leg to the foot. In comparison, strains affect the muscles and tendons only.

But why does this happen?

The ligaments in our bodies have a specific range of motion that work to stabilize our joints to keep them moving. This means their motions have certain boundaries that shouldn’t be exceeded. However, when ligaments that surround our ankles are pushed past their limits, it results in a sprain. These injuries typically involve the bands of tissues located on the exterior side of the ankle.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankles

The symptoms pertaining to ankle strains can vary depending on the severity of the sprain. Signs can also vary depending upon the ligaments affected— sometimes, multiple ligaments get affected.

In saying that, here are some symptoms associated with ankle sprains.

  1. Bruises around the ankle
  2. Collapsing when walking
  3. Feeling difficulty in moving your joint.
  4. Instability in the joint that makes it difficult to move or walk.
  5. Sudden, intense pain that follows a fall. These also usually worsen after a few hours.
  6. Swelling on or around the joint
  7. A popping sound after the injury.

The symptoms also vary depending on the grade of the sprain. For example, if you experienced a grade 3 sprain, when a ligament completely tears, you’re likely to feel symptoms similar to a broken bone.

Treatment of Sprained Ankles

The first thing you need to do is to ensure the ankle stays still to avoid any future injuries or complications.

If the sprain is mild, you can care for it at home with remedies that include:

  1. Elastic bandages
  2. Using over-the-counter medicines
  3. Wearing a brace
  4. Resting well.

However, even if your sprain is mild, we recommend getting physiotherapy to prevent the sprain from worsening. That’s because the treatment can be beneficial in helping the ligaments and surrounding soft tissue recover. It also helps in regaining motion in the ankle as well as strengthening the muscles in the area.

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