Stress Management

We use a wide range of techniques including:

1)Verbal and Non-Verbal Hypnosis: when under hypnosis the mind is much more focused and creative, able to get in contact with the Subconscious mind, where are stored all the resources that cannot be accessed normally. Allowing, changes to happen much easier and faster.

2)PSYCH-K: It’s a technique which improves the connectivity between the Right and Left brain, allowing to change the perception(“how we see things”) and to implement Healthy and useful beliefs.

3)Havening: is a psychosensory therapy, uses sensory input and therefore uses touch as a therapeutic tool to help with emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; for wellness, stress management, and peak performance and as a self-help tool.

4)NLP Techniques(Neuro-linguistic programming): provides practical ways in which you can change the way that you think, view past events, and approach your life.

These Techniques are used as standalone or gathered together to seek and eradicate the Root cause of the problem.

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