The 3 Undisputed Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

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Acupuncture is an ancient healing procedure that originated thousands of years ago as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The procedure makes use of thin, almost hair-like needles that are inserted deep into the skin at specific acupuncture points. This helps in restoring the balance of positive and negative energies inside the body and triggering its natural healing capabilities.

While the healing practice dates back centuries, that hasn’t stopped it from continuing to be a popular form of alternative treatment. Acupuncture is still widely practiced and sought because of the numerous health benefits it offers.

Let’s take a look at some of these health benefits.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

If you struggle with lower back pain, you should consider getting acupuncture treatment. This ancient technique is very effective in reducing muscle tension and loosening up the knots within tissues. In doing so, it helps alleviate muscle inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

Research has emphasized on acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating lower back pain. In one research report, it was published that acupuncture helped in decreasing the pain intensity and improved function almost immediately after patients received acupuncture treatment for their back pain. Acupuncture was especially effective in treating cases of acute lower back pain.

Headache Relief

Acupuncture is also especially beneficial to individuals who frequently experience tension headaches or migraines.

In one clinical review, it was observed that adding acupuncture to the usual headache treatment plan made a significant difference. Patients who were provided with the additional acupuncture treatment reported a decreased headache frequency as compared to those who were only given standard headache care. The needling effects of acupuncture were said to have contributed to this outcome.

Studies have also shown that acupuncture is effective in relieving migraine symptoms. The alternative medicine practice is said to help reduce the frequency of migraine episodes as well. It’s especially recommended to individuals who don’t want to use excessive or heavy medication and are looking for alternate treatments.

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Reduced Stress

Finally, acupuncture also helps in alleviating stress and anxiety. Research has shown that acupuncture treatment lowers the level of stress hormones in the body, helping individuals feel more relaxed and at ease. This, in turn, induces feelings of happiness and helps you feel light-hearted and peaceful.

Acupuncture plays a role in restoring energy balance. By stimulating specific nervous system responses, it helps reduce the body’s stress reaction and improves mood.

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