The Connection Between Your Mental And Physical Health

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We often see our body and the mind as two separate entities; however, when it comes to a person’s overall well-being, it’s important to realise that they’re actually much closely connected. According to several studies, 32% of the people with long-term physical health conditions are also prone to experiencing poor mental health, such as anxiety or depression.

The body-mind connection is real! When a person exercises, their body releases hormones such as endorphins that can stimulate mood. On the other hand, a person’s poor mental health can lead to increased fatigue, which subsequently results in sedentary behaviour that comes with its own set of health risks, including cancer, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. This implies that taking care of your mental health can improve your physical health, and vice versa.

Making simple lifestyle changes while understanding how our mind and bodies work in tandem or against each other can strengthen our ability to make positive choices concerning our health and well-being. Let’s see how this works.

Depression And Immunity

Depression, one of the most common mental disorder across the world, doesn’t just affect motivation and mood. It also affects our immune system by suppressing the T-cell responses to bacteria and virus, which causes the person to get sick frequently and remain sick for longer. It can heighten the risk for asthma, allergies, and other illnesses.

Fatigue And Mental Illnesses

Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders typically result in persistent feelings of exhaustion and tiredness. While some people inappropriately suggest “it’s all in your head,” research reveals that this isn’t the case. When one is mentally exhausted, it can lead to physical tiredness as well.

Since mental illnesses are closely linked to fatigue, persistent exhaustion can sometimes lead to a declined physical health. Chronic anxiety or depression makes people struggle with basic hygiene and they’re often less motivated to engage in healthy exercise, leading to an increased vulnerability to several diseases.

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Anxiety, Anger, And Heart Health

The stress if anxiety and angry outbursts can be bad for the heart. A study set out to see whether acute emotions can induce heart attacks, the way it’s show in many movies – and unfortunately, this trope turned out to be true.

According to the findings, Intense anger, which typically represents a tensed body language, along with clenched teeth or fists, can increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 9.7 times. With anxiety, the risk of a heart attack rises by 8.6-fold within a couple of hours.

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