The Importance of Physical Activity for Seniors

Exercising at old age

Regular physical activity can keep one’s body in optimal health and help avoid many illnesses. The mental and physical benefits of exercising have been proven through medical science time and again.

However, physical therapy helps slow down musculoskeletal deterioration for seniors. Here are many more reasons why seniors should take up hobbies involving physical activity to counteract the effects of aging.

1. Improves Chronic Health Conditions

Most people over 65 tend to suffer from one or more chronic health conditions at some point. With the help of regular exercise, the progress of these illnesses can be avoided. Massage therapists in Preston offer the perfect alternative for those seniors who have been medically advised to limit their physical exertion.

2. Weight Management

The metabolism tends to slow down as a result of aging. This can result in excessive weight gain and many other related health complications. Daily cardio, aerobics, and many other forms of exercise can help with the energy production in one’s body and avoid weight problems.

3. Improved Bone Health

Calcium and Vitamin D intake is not the only factor that affects one’s bone strength. The absorption of Calcium in the bones improves due to physical activity. This is why bone density can only be maintained at a recommended level if one engages in some form of physical exercise. Aging bones start losing their strength and agility fast, and staying physically active can reverse this effect for many seniors.

A senior man exercising

4. Promotes Heart Health

Those suffering from heart conditions need to change not only their diet but also their physical regimen. With regular cardio, seniors can improve their heart function by many folds and avoid the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Fat deposition within the blood vessels results in myocardial infarction and strokes in some cases. By adopting healthy habits of physical activity, these debilitating health conditions can also be eliminated.

5. Helps Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents account for the major part of home accidents that affect seniors around the country. Body balance can be enhanced with the help of physical activity, saving many seniors from these accidents. Physiotherapy services in Preston can also help maintain physical stability in many individuals and reduce the risk of home accidents.

6. Promotes Socializing                              

Engaging in regular exercises, sports, and other outdoor activities gives seniors a chance to interact with their community members. This creates a positive impact on the overall health, especially for someone experiencing social isolation.

5 Star Clinic provides seniors with various treatments and massage therapies in Preston that facilitate them in managing various chronic illnesses. Visit our pain treatment center in Preston today and live a life of substance at any age.

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