Traditional Chinese Medicine: What You Need to Know

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Many current medical practices have been derived from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM also plays a significant role in alternative medicine used in addition to or in place of traditional medicine.

But what exactly is TCM? Here’s everything you need to know about TCM, its basic tenets, and its relevance in today’s age.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TCM looks at the human body as a whole with a harmonious system where different elements work together to maintain a balance. Every component of the system is connected to each other and dependent on the other for its proper functioning. Even if one element is out of order, it throws off the body’s balance and causes trouble.

Basic Principles of TCM

TCM finds its roots in two fundamental principles of existence:

  • Qi: Qi translates to “vital energy” that the body needs to exist and survive. Qi can exist in material and immaterial forms, and the body is a blend of all these different manifestations of Qi coming together. Ancient wisdom says that the body sees a constant flow of Qi that keeps changing form but never ceases to exist.
  • Yin and Yang: This principle is used to explain the significance of Qi further. Since the body is considered as a whole, everything is relative and in comparison to another. Yin and yang are opposing forces that exist in harmony. They both have elements of the other and continuously change form to restore balance.

TCM aims to create a balance between yin and yang and increase the flow of Qi across the body. This helps the body achieve health and vitality.

How Does It Work Today?

TCM uses the principles mentioned above to map the body and identify points that need focus to achieve balance and harmony. Some of the commonly used maps in TCM are:

  • Jing Luo: This map focuses on how Qi flows around the body and improves its circulation.
  • Vital substances: This identifies the various forms of Qi in the body
  • Five Elements: This focuses on Qi’s different forms as it shifts from yin to yang.

Today, all these maps and other principles of TCM are applied through acupuncture. It is a safe procedure that involves piercing the skin to improve circulation of Qi and allowing yin and yang to take form and achieve balance.

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What’s In It for You?

Acupuncture is not just a safe way to relieve pain; it also improves your well-being. It allows your body to restore its balance and stay healthy. Think of it as a therapy for longevity and improved health. There’s a reason TCM has survived for thousands of years!

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