First of all, you need to know that all the organs in your belly have muscles, which are different from those from your arm for example, because you can’t control them.


Now imagine all these muscles like a lot of little workers helping when you eat and digest the food, helping when emptying your bowel or bladder, and helping the function of your reproductive system.
To do this, they need to be effective and on time because if they don’t, your digestion might be too slow or too fast, your bladder or bowel might receive a wrong signal when to empty, your reproductive system might not be in phase.
It’s like someone that is always late at work, and that does not carry out their job.
This over-time can affect the whole office unless action is taken to correct that, which in our belly means, all the problems listed at the Top of the page. 
How can corrective action be taken in our belly?
We need to make sure that these muscles in the Visceral organs(our little workers) are effective and on time, which means receiving the correct timed blood circulation, the correct messages from the nerves, hormones etc.
To do this at 5 STAR CLINIC we use a Visceral treatment technique created by French osteopath Roland Solère.
The treatment involves manual therapy techniques such as manoeuvre and mobilisation towards the supporting structure of the organs, together with particular exercises.
They target your spine, diaphragm and the blood circulation in your belly, therefore aim to restore good communication and work pattern in your belly.

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