Few guidelines for the 1stappointment:

  • Try to arrive 10-15min before the appointment time, as you need to fill the information and consent forms for the treatment
  • In the reception, there are some treats waiting for you. Please help yourself while you are completing documents and waiting for the appointment.
  • Dressing code:  in order to get a proper assessment of the condition you need to uncover the area to be treated/assessed and likely the surround areas. Also during the treatment may be necessary to treat area nearby the breast/pelvic/buttock area(for example stimulation of acupuncture points like CV3 located 2-3cm over the pubic symphysis, or treating a pectoral minor located on the anterior area of the chest).

We advise you to dress to feel comfortable with yourself, being aware of what stated above, anyway your therapist  will take overcare to help you feel as much comfortable as possible.

We have clean towels in the room which you are welcome to use.

  • The first appointment is a full assessment which evaluates your condition through some questionnaires and a full body assessment(Biomechanics, strength, range of movement of the joints, posture, neurological functions etc.).

In the same day of assessment you will receive the most appropriate treatment for you health condition.

  • Treatment:will be discussed most appropriate treatment for you health condition so as we can get together the best solution for your needs.

The techniques used will involve the combination of a manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises (you can find out more in the section physiotherapy).

  • Home exercise program: before the end of the treatment you will always get(apart particular cases) home exercise program to follow until the follow-up. The program make a real difference in the resolution of the health condition because you are taking part of your recovery.