What’s Causing Your Neck Pain

a woman with a neck pain

The neck is one of the most flexible and versatile joints in the human body. Because of its ability to move in multiple directions, it can be vulnerable to injury, so it is important for the cause of your neck pain to be taken into account when symptoms are not just acute or recent.

Let’s look at some of the most common causes of neck pain.

Sleeping In Painful Positions

Sleeping on your side or stomach will put a lot of pressure on your neck. We always recommend sleeping in the fetal position to help keep your spine aligned and prevent neck pain. But if you’re still having issues with sleep, talk to a professional physiotherapist about the way you’re sleeping; they might have some ideas to help!


Without enough liquids in your body, it’s going to be difficult for your muscles to work properly – especially since they’re located around the joints. Your muscles are running on the same internal fluids as your cells, and they need to be able to contract, stretch and expand in order to function properly. The longer you don’t drink enough water then, the more likely your body is going to give up on you.

a woman with a neck pain

Post-Workout Muscle Tension

Post-workout muscle tension in the neck is typically a result of too much exercise, which results in microtrauma that triggers inflammation and nerve irritation. This type of pain often persists for up to three days after completing a workout routine.

For treatment, try wrapping a cold pack around your neck and taking an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or aspirin. You may also find that nightly massages or stretching can help reduce soreness in your muscles after a hard workout.

Poor Sitting Posture

The way you sit can have an enormous impact on how you feel. If you are sitting in front of a computer all day long, try to avoid leaning forward in your chair with your head tilted upwards. If you’re going to sit for long periods, it’s important to maintain good posture and keep your head level with the horizon.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it’s also important to take time to stand up every hour or so. Doing this will help strengthen your core muscles and keep your blood flowing and circulating. This will promote general health and balance in your body as well.

If you’re experiencing regular neck pain and aren’t sure what’s causing it, try visiting a physiotherapist. If you’re looking for a physiotherapist in Preston, 5 STAR CLINIC LTD can help you.

We have experienced physiotherapists with years of training who can diagnose and treat your neck pain. We also offer back pain relief, tennis elbow treatment, and more.

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