Why Is My Mental Health Disturbed?

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Mental illness or mental health concerns can affect your behaviour, thinking, and mood. Mental illnesses include addictive behaviours, eating disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and depression, to name a few.

A mental illness can cause problems in your everyday life, such as school, work, or relationships. Medication plus counselling, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy can help with the onset of symptoms.

This blog will list some common causes of mental health issues.

1. Negative Thoughts

Negative ideas and thoughts can harm your health, but it’s vital to remember that they’re just that: thoughts.

You may have experienced a lot of poor luck in the past, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never have good luck again. It’s pointless to blame yourself for your bad luck if you’ve had nothing but bad luck for years.

2. Chemical Imbalances in the Brain

Serotonin is a natural neurotransmitter that causes emotions of happiness, relaxation, and contentment. Low serotonin levels can contribute to anxiety, depression, and OCD, among other mental health disorders. There’s medication to help regulate these levels.

3. Childhood Adversity

Childhood trauma can have an impact on you in ways you never imagined. Many consequences can be apparent later in life when a child is exposed to a stressful environment.

For example, if a youngster is continually worried and has difficulty sleeping or eating, they may overeat or consume sugary foods. They may also acquire stomach problems or other ailments because of not getting enough sleep.

4. Stress

It’s normal to feel anxious now and again, but when stress spirals out of control, it can negatively impact your health. People routinely exposed to high-stress levels are more likely to develop mental diseases.

Many people develop depression or anxiety because of chronic financial limitations or having an abusive household. Furthermore, living in a stressful environment can cause your health to suffer. It can cause your body to produce cortisol, leading to high blood pressure or heart disease.

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5. Unhealthy Routines

People may develop harmful behaviours to cope with their mental illness, including not sleeping or eating properly or drugs and alcohol abuse. People use it as a kind of self-medication to cope with the symptoms of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression.

We all know these habits are bad for us, yet breaking them can be difficult. That’s where psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and counselling come in to help you break the pattern of unhealthy habits and start living a healthier life!

6. Genetics

Many mental health conditions can be caused by genetics. Because most mental illnesses tend to have a genetic component, having a family member with a mental issue may put you at a higher risk.

Take control of your life’s steering wheel and improve your own mental and physical health by taking acting action to reduce these risk factors.

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